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A message from Tim Flores Productions

The goal of this website is to welcome back fans of the original music group Kittyhawk and invite new fans to listen to their music. I see this site as a constant work in progress, bringing you new news and updates about the Kittyhawk band members, past and present, and their continuing musical journey. 
Former band members Richard Elliot and Michael Jochum are still full time musicians with lustrous carriers of their own. I intended to reach out to both of them in hope that an alliance can be formed and new information about their 

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music can be displayed here as well as their own websites. For without them, there would not have been a Kittyhawk. 
I also want in the near future to provide the fans with an email address to contact the Kittyhawk current members and myself. I'm sure the guys would more than welcome a fan letter!
Thank you for visiting the new Kittyhawk Group website and I'm looking forward to keeping this great music alive.


Tim Flores

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