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New Music For Sale Coming Soon! Starting with the release of the first Kittyhawk single "Kittyhawk" launching in July of 2024. A track 30 years in the making. Soon to be on sale on all download platforms including ITunes and Amazon Music.

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The Story Behind the Release of new Music...

In February of 2022, the founding members of Kittyhawk signed with Tim Flores Productions to expose their music to new audiences and preserve the group's legacy. "One good way to gain a new audience is to release new material. So, on a business trip to meet with Paul, I asked if the band ever had a live recording done. The shocking answer was no", remarked Tim. "They were one of best live bands at the time. What a loss and a missed opportunity."

It was then that Paul recalled their fans recorded their live performances. "The fans loved hearing our music live. Some would record us and then give us the recordings." That's when bells went off in Tim's head. He asked for an all out search for any bootleg that could be found. The results was a hand full of spectacular live performances that are being resurrected for dedicated fans and new audiences. "These are pretty rough recordings. If it wasn't for our great audio engineer Randy Strom I'm not sure we could have gotten this far, there was so much to do", stated Tim. "The band's amazing musicianship shines though. Some of these tracks are being heard for first time in over 30 years. It is time for these bootlegs to be released, heard, and celebrated." 

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